segunda-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2007

Nina. Sempre

Love me, love me; say you do.
Let me fly away with you.
For my love is like the wind
And wild is the wind.

Give me more than one caress;
Satisfy this hungriness.
Let the wind blow through your heart,
For wild is the wind.

You touch me;
I hear the sound of mandolins.
You kiss me,
And, with the kiss, the world begins.
You're spring to me, all things to me;
You're life itself!
Like a leaf clings to a tree,
Oh my darling, cling to me,
For we're creatures of the wind,
And wild is the wind, the wind.
Wild is my love for you.

Wild is the wind, de Dimitri Tiomkin e Ned Washington
Todos que já fuimos alguma vez "criaturas do vento" sabemos o que significa ouvir essa música cantada por Nina Simone

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